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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Writing Assignment 3

  1. My plans for the holidays (100+ words) 2 group points
  2. What I want to be when I'm "big" (100+ words) 2 group points 
  3. The funniest thing that ever happened to me (100+ words) 2 group points
  4. Advice to parents (100+ words) 2 group points
  5. A TV show I'd create if I were given the opportunity (100+ words) 2 group points
  6. A recipe for a BRAND NEW sandwich ingredient combo (100+ words AND A PHOTO OF THE SANDWICH ONCE YOU'VE MADE IT :o) ) 2 group points
  • Copy and paste the title of your chosen written piece and put it at the top of your post so we know which one you chose.
  • Either write or copy your work into Word before pressing "SEND" in case the computer freezes or crashes and you lose all of it and cry or say a rude word!
  • PLEASE REMEMBER to write your name in the Name/URL block
  • If you have your own blog, leave a comment, linking to your written assignment on your blog 
  • Add a photo if it's on your own blog.
  • All writing in FULL SENTENCES please


  1. A TV show I'd create if I were given the opportunity

    I would create a TV documentary about teaching. I would feature a wide spectrum of teachers, ideally from the same school, a first year teacher, one who is near retirement and fed up, a wacky Art or Music teacher, the harassed secretary, the support staff, the principal, all working within the walls of a primary school.

    I’d love to capture those bizarre, surreal moments that happen to all of us, like last year, when after an hour of netball practice, Chloe asked me, “Ma’am, will you hold my cheese?” (she was holding out a triangle of Melrose processed cheese)

    ...or when Sage yelled at Nikita yesterday, “Nikita you’d better stop it right now or I’ll use my FEELING WORDS on you!!”
    There are so many funny, completely crazy moments in teaching that get lost in all the rushing to get things done.

    I think the show would appeal to everyone, not just people in the education field.

  2. Miss Tyler-smith I definatly agree on the show you would invent it sounds so wierd and cool. I think if I was captured on screen I would very funny. :.)

  3. Hey my name is Emily and i havea blog this is the address
    I think that sandwich looks really really yum!

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