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Thursday, March 4, 2010


Tribond is a game that gives you three words and you must tell how these are related.  My favorite tribond has the following three clues – McDonald’s, A bank, Carwash.  The answer  is DRIVETHRUs!
So, try these Tribonds out!  Post your answers and I’ll respond with a yes/no answer!
Good Thinking!
- Mr. Lund
  • An Audience, An Envelope, A Golf Ball
  • A Dart, A Stairwell, An Airline
  • Cuts, Tracks, Singles
  • House, War, Finger
  • Mule, Clog, Pump
  • People, Sneakers, South Korea
  • Flag, North, Telephone
  • Bowling Ball, Standard Notebook Paper, A Pierced Ear
  • A Heart, A Football, A Sprinkler System
PS…….. If you like these types of word / mind games, check out the Tribond website for their Daily Tribond or purchase the game at your local toy store!

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  1. L love your game it is cool. From Abdul

  2. Abdul, why not submit an answer on Mr Lund's blog?

  3. I found your blog because i did a search for Tribonds. I am about to start teaching middle school, and I like Tribonds as a daily puzzler kind of thing.

  4. I was looking for something to help a 5th grade class and Googled "tribonds for kids." Love your blog! Greetings from Texas!


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