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Monday, March 8, 2010

Writing Assignment 1

 Write any of the following writing topics below in the comments section:
  1. Ten things that everyone else seems to love but I don't. (Give reasons) 2 group points
  2. Ten things that I love but that no one else seems to. (Give reasons) 2 group points
  3. My perfect holiday (100+ words) 2 group points
  4. My best memory (100+ words) 2 group points
  5. Ten things that make me smile (Give reasons) 2 group points
  • Copy and paste the title of your chosen written piece and put it at the top of your post so we know which one you chose.
  • Either write or copy your work into Word before pressing "SEND" in case the computer freezes or crashes and you lose all of it and cry or say a rude word!
  • PLEASE REMEMBER to write your name in the Name/URL block
  • If you have your own blog, leave a comment, linking to your written assignment on your blog 
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  1. Ten things that everyone else seems to love but I don't.

    1. "Croc" shoes. I do not get these. They are unattractive and sand must get in through the holes.
    2. Sushi. I've tasted it once and it was awful! Everything tasted fishy! Urgh! Even the avo/cucumber one I ordered. Thank goodness no one saw me pulling a face when it went in my face
    3. Luminescent colours. I really can't stand them at all. They are bright and make my eyes bleed.
    4. Hip Hop music. Its too fast and I can't hear the words
    5. Leather couches. Thy stick to you in hot weather and make funny squeeky sounds when you sit down.
    6. Soap Opera shows on TV. No comment.
    7. Fancy cars. I'd be so scared I'd scratch it or have an accident I'd spend all my time driving around feeling anxious and wouldn't enjoy the trip.
    8. Anything with fish in it. Jamie Oliver makes fish dishes all the time but if it smells and tastes fishy, I won't enjoy it.
    9. African decorations in houses. I find those African masks a bit scary and wouldn't want to walk to the kitchen in the middle of the night and walk into a hairy, scary mask! EEK!
    10. The colour blue. Ask almost anyone what their favourite colour is and they will say blue. Not me!! My favourite colours are green and white. :o)

  2. Hello Miss Tyer-Smith and her class. I came from Australia. My name is Ena (please pronounce my name Ena not Eeeeena). I love your blog it's colourful, creative, artistic and lots of cool images!!!!!!! I was just wondering if I could ask some questions about your school history.

  3. Ena, unfortunately I cannot reveal any details about our school but we can share information about Cape Town with you. Do you have a class blog at your school?

  4. Ten things other people like but i don't

    mushrooms-the taste bitter
    cleanrooms-What is the point of clean rooms it is going to get dirty again
    soapies -they are just t.v. shows
    baths-you soak in your filth
    cleandraws-it is just a draw with stuff in it
    toys-it is something to play with gadgets are better
    food -it is just something that fills you up
    prawns-it is sea food that tastes like junk
    work-Alot of people likee working but for the truth i am just lazy
    writing-It is to much work

  5. ten things that make me smile

    games-they fun
    Internet-it is nice
    girls-they are cute
    playing- you can play lots of stuff
    pranking -it is funny
    my brother-he is cute
    Movies-they are cool
    swimming-it cools you down completely
    laptops-they are techno and i like tech

  6. We do have a class blog it is or you could type in year5rc on Google and it is the first one that comes up. And I was just going to ask what they do in there spare time and stuff like that. May I ask some kids these questions?

  7. Ena, that would be fine.

  8. Dear Miss Tyler-Smith
    Before I ask you some questions I am in the same school as Charlotte who mailed you!!!!
    Q1. When does your school start?
    Q2. What subjects are there at your school?
    Q3. What do the kids like to do at free time?

    From Ena

  9. All thesse questions are answered on our blog already Ena.
    Look at the OUR LITTLE SCHOOL piece on the right.

  10. Thank you Miss Tyer-Smith!!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!

    Love and Peace, Ena

  11. ten things that make me smile!
    1.My sister makes me smile whenever she calls out mamy!
    2.My brother makes me smile every time he laughs.
    3.My dad makes me smile every time he comes home from Joburg.
    4.MIss Tyler makes me smile every time I see her stairing at Ruby red shoes.
    5.Taine makes me smile every time he makes up a funny joke.
    6.My sister makes me smile every time she tries to put on my mother's shoes.
    7.I smile every time I win because winning is a good feeling.
    8.Thane makes me smile every time he gets chased by my brother.
    9.Michael makes me smile every time he remembers a funny movie scene.
    10.Abdul makes me smile every time he shows off.

  12. Ten things that make me smile
    1. My Mommy because I love her and she is special to me.
    2. Mia because she's my best friend and makes me happy when I'm sad.
    3. Dancing because it makes me feel like I'm getting all my energy out.
    4. My pets because they're soft and cuddly and keep me happy and keep me happy.
    5. My family because I love them.
    6. Crumbed mushrooms because it's my favourite food in the whole wide world.
    7. Chocolate because I like the way it melts in my mouth when it goes slowly down my throat.
    8. My teddies because they're so nice and sweet and cuddly.
    9. Vending machines because they produce food.
    10. Spagetti because it's my favourite food.

  13. Aurora, I liked the crumbed mushrooms bit best...that made ME smile :o)

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