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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Calling ALL Blogging Teachers and Students!!

We would REALLY LOVE to Connect with Other SOUTH AFRICAN Classroom/Student Blogs.

Also we would like to make contact with more World Wide ones too. Let yourself be "friended"!!

JUST LEAVE A COMMENT with a link to your blog and we will hop over as soon as we can. Hop hop hop...


  1. L love it.Abdul

  2. I suppose you count with us, don't you?
    Lots of love from your Spanish friends.
    Here is our blog:

  3. Rosa you are most certainly on our blog list that we check daily.

  4. You sure follow lots of great class blogs. I really enjoyed reading the information you posted in the margin about your school.

    My name is William Chamberlain and I teach 7-8 grade keyboarding/digital media in Noel, Missouri USA. My class is made up of 12-14 year old students.

    There are several great class blogs I follow on my class blog as well.
    We live in a small community that has a large Hispanic population. We also have Hmong, Somalis, and Micronesian students.

    We teach math, science, social studies (history/geography), readnig, communication arts, art, physical education, music, and my class.

  5. I teach 2nd grade in San Antonio, TX. We would LOVE to hear from you!!

    Leanne Boddie

  6. Hello Miss Tyler-Smith. Your blog is lovely and very interesting to read. I am Fiona Beal also from Cape Town and I would love to make contact with you. In fact, I see your email address in the corner so I will email you with a couple of project suggestions for possibly working together on something. My blog address is, and the Grade 5 teachers' blog at our school is
    Bye for now.

  7. Hola from San Antonio! Thank you for finding US! We've added your blog to our "must read" list! Adios!

  8. Hello from the UK! Nabby3 have only been blogging for a month and we love it! We're just starting to look around the world at blogs from other classes so we shall have a look at yours very soon!

  9. heyya its naomi from nabby6! can i ask you something?? i am wondering if you have ever come across a tiger in your world? please can u get back to me as soon as possible xx!

  10. Hi from England, Holmfirth. We need you to comment on out blog Nabby6 so we have some people from Cape Town! I was wondering what you do when you're not at school?

  11. hi it's Katie from Holmfirth! is it hot everyday where you live? please reply as soon as possible!

  12. Hi it's Grace from Holmfirth! You have probably got comments from Imogen and Katie and they are my best friends! As Imogen says, please visit our blog! We would love some comments from Cape Town! Is it hot during winter as well? Thank you! From Grace

  13. Hi its Maria your website is really cool and I wonder to if you've ever seen atiger because in Holmfirth there use to be one that people could stroke called fenella!!!

  14. Hi its Maria your website is really cool and I wonder if you've ever seen a tiger because in Holmfirth there used to be one that people could stroke called fenella!!! It was a tiger that was rased by a lady in 1941 and she used to bring it so the children could stroke it!!!

  15. Hi,
    Its Jessica, all of my class like your website. Also what type of lessons do you have over there? I was wondering whether you have the same as us? To get to my classes blog put in Nabby6 blog in to google then click on Nabby6/the lionheart team!!!!!

  16. I know this is a bit late but we are from New Zealand, Hamilton (the town of) and the region is Waikato (we're were the Chiefs are from in the Super 14). I have a class of Y7 students who are 11-12 years old, we've just finished term one and our school year finishes in December. We have contacts from around the world but none really from South Africa and would love to blog/skpye with your class.
    Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand


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