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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Grade Five Timeline Projects for History

The Grade 5's have spent the last 8 weeks working on researching a topic of their own choice. 
They had to show the turning points in that person/areas life/period.
We worked hard on understanding how a time line works, and that its the YEARS that are evenly spread, not the facts.
We added a bibliography to the back of our posters, to show which books/internet sites we used.
This morning we had a brief feedback session where we gave compliments and ways others might improve their posters, so that next time we can do even better!

Joseph's Poster on Mozart - Joseph, we are so proud of you. This is possibly THE best piece of work you have ever done!
Connor's poster on the history of Space Missions. Connor has been very interested in our Science Space Theme and decided to research it further.
Aurora's Toys Time Line. Aurora changed her topic from Computers to toys at the last minute I think she did a very good job. Just shows what you can do if you're passionate about your topic!
Jessica researched fashion through the ages, she forgot the H in fashion but came up with a creative solution with Kerri's help.
Farikai looked deeper into Will Smith's life. The red and black look very striking! Well done Farikai.
Nika read up on Taylor Swift. The pink, "girly" looking poster is very appropriate.
Abdul is our local cricket hero, here at school. He focused on his cricket hero, Graeme Smith, our South African cricket captain. This is a very smart looking poster Abdul!
MS left his half finished poster at school on Friday afternoon and had to begin again. Well done MS for catching up.The magazine lettering was a good idea. Adds great colour.
Zoe is passionate about Art and decided to research her favourite artist, Rembrandt. 
What a grown up topic Zoe! Well done!
Vinny is mad about Ranaldo, his soccer hero. A very bright and cheerful poster Vinny! The typed out fact squares look very professional.
Jade took a risk and did the hardest time line in the class...The history of our planet, Earth...15 BILLION YEARS! wow. We really struggled to work out a practical time line (teacher included) and some tears were shed but in the end I think Jade did a fantastic job! Well done space girl!
Mia loves Bianca Cappelo and now can answer any question you may have on the topic. Her poster got a little squished at aftercare but we still think it looks great! Well done Mia.


  1. Those are all cool posters even though mine was not on the wall :(

  2. As soon as you bring yours, I'll add it to the blog, Taine. I promise!

  3. Ya add Taine's poster they'll devinetlly love it,the heading is so bright,and the border is so coulerful!I mean ,nobody realy wants to see it infact we all cried when he was finsh,it was such a shame.


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