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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Reasons to Blog

  • A Blog (web log) is a personal website often used like a journal.
  • A typical blog contains text, images and links to other blogs
  • Blogs are interactive and readers can leave comments
  • Blogs provide a potential world wide online audience for children’s work.
  • Children have the opportunity to develop effective learning conversations with people around the world.
  • They provide the opportunity to use many of the free social software tools children are familiar with outside of school.
  • Many activities associated with blogging take place away from the computer.
Blogging creates:
  • Successful Learnersby having access to a worldwide audience who can comment on their work
  • Effective Contributers - by leaving comments on their own classmates’ work, as well as the work of others around the globe
  • Confident Individuals - as they learn that their work and opinions are respected by a worldwide audience
  • Responsible Citizens - as they are trusted to contribute sensible posts and comments to their blogs


  1. Great post! My class has enjoyed learning a little bit about South Africa due to your comments!
    I have to agree that blogs are a great tool for these young 21st century learners! We enjoy having an audience - an international audience - for our writing and thoughts! Whenever possible, we like to try to connect with our new international friends. Maybe your class would like to create a connection via Skype with our class. We would love to meet and collaborate with some new friends!

    -Mr. Lund

  2. Miss Tyler-Snith said we maybe,just maybe,will be able to meet your cool students on Skyp.


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