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Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Grade Fives Reading

Our school is still very small, and so we do not have our own library. Every second Thursday we go to our local public library by mini bus, class by class, and take out books. Then we read in class for 30min until it's time for tea break.

 Joe, Nika, Aurora and Vinny reading.
 Jess, Connor, Zoe and Farikia!
Jade (me) busy on the computer. (Please don't  notice Miss Tyler-Smith's BIG MESS!!!!)


  1. Hi am Jessica I love grade5 it has been the best year that I have been so far.

    Miss Tyler-Smith has been so so so nice and helps me when I need help.

    All my friends are so nice.I have been here for 5 years plus pre-primary school(Kindergarten) Bye bye.

  2. What BIG MESS!!!!
    from Farikai

  3. Miss Tyler you forgot to put Taine and Mia in the picture.
    from Farikai

  4. Everyone will get plenty of chance to be seen on the blog in the end, but I can't have all 13 of your in every post. Sometimes it's just not possible.

  5. WE love reading=]. From Abdul


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