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Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Year in Grade Five

The following are articles written by the students for the school magazine:

What is it? Miss Tyler-Smith made up a new game called “playdoughtionary”, its almost like pictionary but with play dough.
How to play: You will need two or more groups and each group should have up to two-four children in a group. Then comes the play dough50.Miss.Tyler Smith will write down a word on paper and one person from each group will come and look at the word and then that person will have to make it and the rest of the group has to guess what he/she is making and the person who is making the thing can only say yes or no but if someone in the group gets it right the hole group will shout “PLAYDOUGHTIONARY!!!!” and if its right your group gets a point     
                      By Jessica 

Friday Story Time

Every Friday we have a story time after we are done with all our work and art we read about tales of a fourth grade nothing. we like to get the best spot to listen to it and who wrote it was Judy Blume. every Friday we read from 12:30 to 1o,clock plus when we read a chapter the boys love to play and hug the teddy  called Jesus, polar bear, dog, or we call him tirria,taz,fish poo and teddy we like  it when miss Tyler makes nice voices we also got this new guy who like ruby red shoes.
By Michael

The rockin robot theme

I loved the robot theme because we got make a robot and here is a short story about my robot:
One rainy day I came home from an England karate tour and found my room in a mess. I said, “This could only be Lee”. I went outside to my brother who found ‘Battle Boy 2’ so he challenged me to a robot paint ball war. I definitely agreed. I went to my secret laboratory and found the secret robot technology. I had built ‘Probot’ the automatic and the manual robot. Probot has cannons, machine guns a wireless jack, missiles and a type 5 module, everything I needed to destroy Battle Boy 2. Moments later…I turned him on and he went berserk and hit everything in my secret laboratory. I quickly turned him off. I saw that the conductor chip was missing so I said angrily, “Lee must have put it in Battle Boy 2 when I was busy!” It may have taken two days to build but it was essential.
By Connor
Our Dandy Cowboy Theme

Howdy!!!  On the day that we did our cowboy theme we got to dress up like real cowboys and we all brought food that the cowboys eat. I chose to do American Indians for my oral. The tribe name of the American Indians that I did is called the Aleut tribe. Connor did his oral on cowboy clothing which I thought was very interesting. Jessica did her oral on horses which was very good. We got lots of fun and hard cowboy work sheets. My favourite work was the wanted poster. Everyone made beautiful posters for the cowboy orals and Jessica had a very nice heading on her poster.
by Zoƫ.
Our Bean Science Project

My beans took about 1 week to grow a little white root. After about 2 weeks there were about 16 lateral roots. At about 3 weeks there was a little bit of green and some even had 2 leaves and a stem. After, 4 weeks it had a green stem leaves that can grow up to the size of a hand and if you looked closely it had a more leaves. At 5 weeks it was 2 leaves but they were so small and another few leaves was on those small leaves and that was all the weeks.
By Vinny

The Book Corner

It’s the first day of the first term, we were all very hyped up because Miss Tyler-Smith’s Book Corner has the most books in the whole school.  So when we got there she said “I have a story to read to you in the Book Corner”.  So as the terms passed by we brought pillows and toys.  The boys would play with the toys and the girls just watch them enjoy playing with the different toys. Then we got a table and we put it in the Book Corner, whereby Taine got the idea of hiding under the table while we were doing school work.  In the mornings the boys would rush to the Book Corner to grab the Garfield book with the jokes as this was their favourite book to read.  All and all the Book Corner is a fun corner.
by Nika

H” Day at *our school*

In the second term we had a day called ‘H’ day. On ‘H’ day people dressed up as hulla girls, hippis, Hilary Duff and Hiy Boy Hine (sports player). Every year we use a letter from the name of our school. Last year we used the letter ‘C’ and I was the only one dressed as Cleopatra, every one else dressed as cat woman, a cool person, captains or cowboys. This year I dressed up as Halle Berry and again I was the only one, maybe next year I will be the only one again.
Next year we will be at Riverside College and so we will start at the beginning again and celebrate “R” Day. Here’s a few things to dress up as next year: Rat, Rider, Reindeer, Reef diver, Ronald MacDonald and Raggedy Ann.
By Jade 
The Oracle
In the third term our class got a big cardboard box. We decided to turn the box into a thinking machine. So what we did was,we added the smartest brain we could find to the box. After that we trained the brain to answer all the questions we could think of. Once everything was done we decided to give this machine a name,we decided to call it "The Oracle"(Taine).We then started to test out "The Oracle".
Step 1: Write question on piece of paper. 
Step 2: Slide question into slip.  
Step 3: Wait for Oracle to calculate, think and workout answer. 
Step 4: Collect answer. For some reason we got the funniest answers and results. 
Question: “How long do I have to live?” 
Answer: 1 hour. The Oracle was a bit of a mess up but we kept it because it was very funny and entertaining. 
by Farikai 

The Museum and star show
In the third term we went on an outing to a very cool Museum 
in Town. Next to the Museum was a very cool place with a 
dome shaped roof. We all went into this awesomely cool 
place and we were shown a very cool show that was projected 
on the roof. This awesome star show had a lot of awesome 
special effects like Tie-fighters from star wars and the Millennium 
Falcon from star wars it was so awesome. After we went to the 
show we went into the Museum to look at all the amazingly 
awesome stuff. We also saw figures of how the San and Khoi lived.
by Farikai 
Sports at School
Early this year we had a sports day. It was really fun. The events I competed in were the 1200m, the shot put and the high jump. I am in Red Team. Before the day we practiced singing team songs. We sang so loudly I was sure we would win. When it came time for my events, I gave put in 100%.
At the end of the day Red Team won and I felt so proud of myself and team.
By Abdul 
The Talent Show

The talent show was very fun. We were given the option of performing an individual talent, or joining our class for a group performance. My friends and I decided to write, direct and act in our own play entitled “The Secret”. We practiced everyday for a month. While we practiced we changed it to make it better. On he night I felt excited and overjoyed. We received a standing ovation and the audience loved it. As we took a bow, I thought to myself how sad I was that it was over.     
By Aurora

SOS Camp in The Wilds

When we got at the camp site we looked at the dorms there were about 20 beds all together. There was a girl dorm and a boy dorm. We weren’t allowed to go into each others dorms. We each had to our own sleeping bag and a pillow. If you brought food into the dorms you would get ants!!! Now for food…… For lunch our parents packed in food for us. For supper we had: Burgers. On the second day for breakfast we had: Vet coke or jungle oats. For lunch we had: Hot dogs. We had supper at about 6:00 for supper we had chicken with wedges. The last day at S.O.S campL For breakfast we had: French toast. For lunch we had: a sandwich with Melrose cheese spread on. Camp was really fun. We also went to the tuck shop twice a day
by Joseph

At SOS school in the wild there was a lot of animals porkpie, rabbit, cow, hours, duke, gout, chicken, camels, llamas, alpacas, donkeys and so on when we went to see most of the animals a chicken chased Gabriel so now he is afraid of chickens accept KFC that’s his favorite. At SOS camp I learnt a lot about animals and when I grow up I would like to be a vet to help animals. and the funniest thing was that the camel was using the bathroom when we went to go and see him and I that that a lamer was a sheep I did not know what a lamer because I have never seen one before   
by Mia-Su


Blogging is great way to express yourself through writing and pictures on the internet. Miss Tyler Smith Thought of the idea of making a blog for the class and other individual blogs in the class. Miss Tyler Smith tried to make blogs for everyone but I am the only one who has kept my blog going and everyone has not. If you would like to see my blog the address is . It will be filled with videos and pictures of things that I have made or wrote about. If you would like your own blog go to my  blog and the instructions will be there on how to make your  own blog. It is pretty simple all you have to do is fill out a few things and your don. All you have to do is decorate it the way you want and put pictures and background even special effects. If you like sharing what happens at home with your friends then Blogging is for you  
By Taine

And with that, I close the Grade Five 2010 Blog.
I hope you have enjoyed following us and reading about our day to day experiences and adventures as we have enjoyed following yours.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Inca Empire Research Posters

 Taine - Crime and Punishment
 Zoe - Arts and Crafts
 Aurora - Beliefs
 Nika, Inca Clothing
 Jessica - Inca Food
 Farikai - Inca War Tactics
 Joe - Incan Animals
 Connor - Medicine
 Mia - Inca Children
 Vinny - South America
 Abdul - Inca Houses
Michael - Inca's End, The Spanish Invasion

Seed Project - Week 5

Stained Glass Painting

The Girls happily painting while the boys played "PLAYDOTIONARY"

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Life Orientation Rhythm/Dance Lesson

 The girls "Holla back girl"
 The girls (Nika also took part in this group)
 The Boys "I got a feelin' "
 Mia and Aurora "Somebody to love"

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How to write a quality comment

Tips for blog comments:
#1 Compliment the writer in a specific way
#2 Add information
#3 Make a connection
#4 Ask a question
#5 Proofread your comment

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Miss Tyler takes advantage of a photo opportunity

Conner the soccer player

Seed Project - Week 3

 Jade with her deceased beans and corn
Abdul, Nika and Mia's beans and corn have died and they will begin again this week.
Some tips for growing healthy plants from the Grade 5s:
  • Kiss your plant every morning (Aurora)
  • Sing to it (Mia)
  • Tell it jokes (Tane)
  • Use old fish pond water (Jade) 
  • Use a syringe to water them (Farikai)
  • Tell it you love it (NIka)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Taine's Sister is getting married next weekend

...and he will be playing this piano piece as she walks down the aisle.
Isn't that fantastic?
(This isn't Taine actually playing)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our New School

Our school is going to be moving to a new property in January 2011. 
At the moment the school hasnt been built, so we will have lessons in prefabricated classrooms for a few years. 
They estimate that the building will take 2-3 years to complete. 
Removal trucks will be arriving on 11th December.

This is what the architects have designed:
 The Primary School (the left of the property) Ages 5 - 12
The High School (the right of the proprty) Ages 13 - 18