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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Life Orientation Rhythm/Dance Lesson

 The girls "Holla back girl"
 The girls (Nika also took part in this group)
 The Boys "I got a feelin' "
 Mia and Aurora "Somebody to love"


  1. Hi my name is Tiaan & Matthew we are from Burnham school, Room2 we like your awesome photos because your costumes and clothes.

  2. Hi,
    The dancing looked like lots of fun. Me and my friends have done a dance before. I like the song you played with it.
    How long did it take you take to learn all the moves?
    Did the whole class have to do one or was it just you?
    Check out our blog for lots of exciting things we did at the end of year concert. We did lots of dancing too.


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