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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Its holidays!!

See you all on Monday 2nd October!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Teachers eat???

Yes...teachers do eat...they don't just go back into the classroom cupboard at the end of the day and stay there, standing upright anbd doll-like, uptill 8am the following day.
In order to lead by example, I decided to photograph my own lunch.
Note the lack of mayo and white bread!

My crazy job

I never thought I'd have a job where I'd have to say things like, 
"Taine, please come out from behind that box."

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lunches round#2

...a little better this week, we are going to try and eliminate the mayo on white bread sandwiches though!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Class Castle Mural

The boys part...
 ...and the girls...
 Open in a new tab/window for a larger view
Taine, explaining the poster

Friday, September 17, 2010

Market Day 2010

Restaurant Manager greeting his customers
Waitress Jamie, taking orders from two Grade 1s.
Shelly and Dylan having a romantic lunch
Aurora and Jade sharing a laugh over pizza and grape just.

Taine's Restaurant Report
I got the idea to sell pizzas from my father. He suggested I should sell slices of pizza. When I told Miss Tyler of my idea, she came up with the idea of a restaurant. 
I decorated the tables with table clothes, menus and wine glasses. I took reservations the day before. Lots of couples were the first to book a table.
My customers included teachers, friends, senior pupils and very young ones.
I employed 3 Grade 3 girls to play waitresses to help me. They were allowed to keep their tips, which were quite considerable!
I think my business was so successful because it had a good atmosphere, and the idea of a restaurant really got people's attention.
I made R594.80 (South African Rands) on the day! (That is the equivalent of US$83 or 47UKpounds)

Jade's Beach Party Stall
On Market Day I sold sell charms, lip balm, water colours and popcorn. 
I enjoyed the day because it was so much fun interacting with my customers  and persuading them to buy my goods. I feel that it was hard to sell to the right people. My customers were mostly crafty type people and children who were hungry.
When I was finished I went around the school saying "Buy a packet of popcorn and get something for free!!"
It worked really well and I sold the rest of my goods.
I made a R212.65 (pounds17 or US$51)

Zoe's Artists Studio
I was selling greeting cards that I made myself. I also sold cappuchino muffins with chocolate icing. Making the cards was lots of fun. It took about 30min to make one card and I sold them for R6 (about $1)
Many people who did not have enough money to buy one, complimented me on my cards. One person said that they could see that I put a lot of effort into them.
I made R139 ($19 or 11 pounds)
I put a lot of thought into my theme and dressed up like a French Artist...
"Don't I look French!!?"
 Joe's Woofing Good Report
"Arf arff..arf arf aaaaarrrffff"...No I'm just kidding...
I got the idea to sell pet treats from the internet. I sold handbaked cat and dog cookies, and handmade pet toys. I put a lot of effort into making my themed stalkl look attractive.
All the teachers bought my goods, as well as the children. The cat biscuts have cat nip in them, and the dog treats have dog food in them. I tested them out my own pets and they liked them very much!
If you would like to place your order with me, contact me through this blog post by leaving a comment.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mia and Aurora have a new combined blog

Grade 5's Lunchboxes

I took the Grade 5s by surprise this morning by taking photos of their lunch boxes. We then had a discussion on healthy eating. We will be taking photos again on Monday and hopefully they will be healthier...

...mostly because we're really curious about what other children around the world bring for lunch! :o)
I cant seem to rotate this last one..sorry Vinny
Below are examples of HEALTHY LUNCHBOXES:

8 healthy lunch box ideas

  1. Kids simply love variations and surprise. Instead of using the same white bread everyday, try using various kinds of bread, like whole wheat, multi-grain, omega 3, or flax bread. Of course, you don't need to use traditional bread at all to make healthy sandwiches for lunch. You can use bagels, dinner rolls, or fajita wraps too! If possible, choose whole grains for a rich source of fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants.
  2. Instead of using processed luncheon meat every day, try creating a healthy lunch idea by using leftover meat from the night before. For instance, try chopping up leftover chicken to make a chicken salad sandwich. You can make practically any kind of sandwich with leftover meat dishes. A teriyaki chicken breast, steak sandwich, or a grilled salmon fillet sandwich can be delicious!
  3. Kids love making their own foods, so a burrito or a pita pocket they make themselves can be a fun and healthy lunch option. Prepare shredded vegetables, meat, and sauce, and let the kids assemble their own lunch at school. You control what goes in it and they choose what they like!
  4. Kids love dip! Prepare diced or julienned produce to go along with a small container of dipping sauce. Or simply pack easy-to-carry fruit and vegetables like bananas, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, and grapes. Low fat yogurt and sour cream, hummus, and tzatziki are all healthy dip choices.
  5. You can pack processed fruit in the lunch box as a healthy dessert option. Canned fruit cups in water and dried fruit are not as fresh, but they are still healthy and nutritious. Re-package these canned fruits into fancy take-out boxes, like those from Japanese restaurants, for fun and visual appeal!
  6. Try preparing healthy trail mix as a snack. Mix nuts, crunchy whole grain cereals, and dried fruits such as raisins, apricots and prunes. Just make sure to control the portion sizes!
  7. Try kiddie-size yogurts. They provide a good source of protein and calcium. If possible, choose a brand with active live bacterial cultures (probiotics) to maximize its health benefits.
  8. Water and milk are the best beverage choices for kids. Another healthy lunch box choice is soy milk in a tetra pack. If you pack a juice box on occasion, make sure to use 100 percent fruit juice. If possible, avoid sugary drinks like fruit drink, fruit punch, and soft drinks.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Soccer Boys

Taine, Vinny, Joe, Farikai, Abdul
Connor, Michael

Happy Birthday Mia

oh dear...

Calligraphy practice

Aurora practicing her Calligraphy
Auroras writing sample
Connor's Calligraphy writing set