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Monday, September 13, 2010

Grade 4 Graphic Design Advert Posters


  1. Miss Tyler,

    I love looking at your blog. It seems like Cape Town and my town are very similar. I love this blog post, it seems very creative! Come visit our blog! I hope you like it! I really like the “Hot Diggidy Dogs!”


  2. Hi Again Miss. Tyler,

    Sorry I forgot to include my blog. Here it is,

  3. Anni

    That link doesnt work

    Miss Tyler-Smith

  4. Dear Miss Tyler-Smith,
    I really love your class blog! I especially like the business cards that the grade four made! I really enjoy looking at how colorful the blog is. Come visit our class blog at:

    - Stella

  5. Sorry here is the correct link:

    Thank You,

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