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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Calligraphy practice

Aurora practicing her Calligraphy
Auroras writing sample
Connor's Calligraphy writing set


  1. Hi There Im Chase and what a cool way of Writing. I found your blog on our class blog Called

    Bye for now.
    Chase Melville Intermediate Hamilton New Zealand

  2. Calligraphy is such a beautiful piece of writing.

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  4. My name is Meiqi and I am a fourth grader from Port Angeles, WA, USA. I found your site while I was Googling to find some examples of how to write with caligraphy. I think it's really cool that you guys get to study caligraphy in school. How long did it take you to learn? What do you use it for now that you've learned it?

  5. I studdied caligraphy at school, it's such an amazing experiance to write like that. I'm in highschool now and i've told my art and english teacher to study caligraphy. I now often use it, although it is extremely difficult at first! It takes time and patience, caligraphy sets are also fabulous, i have 5 f my own... i do the everyday and i've even started writing my own novels with caligraphy at home. I just love it and hope to make this a life experiance for all, especially me!

    1. Btw, my name is Mailyn and i'm from America, California. I've studdied caligraphy from the age of 9yrs. I love all kinds of arts (Including drama and music) but i must admit, i love caligraphy best of all!

      Mailyn! <3


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