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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Captain William Kidd

  • William Kidd was born sometime during  1645 in Scotland
  • He was a sailor when he was a young man and went to live in America and had a great success as a merchant and a privateer and was also friends with a Governer called Benjamin Flecher .In 1689 he was serving aboard a privateer in the Caribbean .He stole the ship,was elected captian and named it Blessed William.After a while his crew left him when they decided to be pirates. Captian Kidd went back to NewYork and married a widow.When he was leaving in September a journey of seven months brought William to pain for he lost 50 crewmembers from diseases and ran low on supplies.By May the pressure broke into him and gaveup his mission and turned into a pirate instead of a piratehunter.
  • Captian William Kidd did most of his piracy in EastIndia.
  • He was acctually a good person but suffered from hunger and thirst and lost alot of crewmembers while being a piratehunter so turned bad.
  • He was accused for killing a Captian of a ship and his name was William Moore.Kidd was accused for throwing a steel bucket against his head and fractured his skull and died a day later.After a year in prison, on the 23 May, his body was hung in a cage and stayed there for seven years as a warning to everyone who decideds to be pirates.
  • Captian William Kidds actions did have merit because he didnt want to die and he was in pain and suffer so he acctually did it for a reason(to save himself).
Done By J.C..

Timeline Project Brief

Decide on a topic that has developed over time.  
This could be either a timeline of a famous person or the development of an aspect of history.These are the recommended topics:
  • The History of Writing
  • The History of Fashion
  • The History of Transport
  • The History of Mozart
  • The History of the Computer
  • The History of Democracy 

Research your chosen topic, using a wide range of resources. 
Use as many sources of information as you can, e.g. The Internet, magazines, books, pamphlets, video’s, tapes…You must use at least two books and one Internet site. (Remember to jot down all the information you’ll need for your bibliography before to hand the books back to the library 

Read through information in the sources and jot down all the important dates. Keep all your information and rough work in either your flip file or research book.
Work out a simple timeline scale.
1) Write down the first and last date that you have chosen to look at.
2) Calculate how many years are in between.
3) Decide on how many jumps you’d like your timeline to have.
4) Take your rough numbers to your teacher who will help you work out an appropriate scale.

Start the neat work on your project.
1) Draw your timeline neatly on your poster.
2) Clearly and very neatly, fill in the important dates on your timeline.
3) Add in your text on the important landmark dates.
4) Add pictures (some may be photocopied, printed from the Internet or cut from pamphlets or magazines, but you must include some hand drawn pictures too.)
5) Add a border, colour, patterns or anything else you’d like to enhance your poster’s overall appearance.

Remember to include a bibliography.
Refer to your notes on how to write a bibliography.

What your teacher will be looking for.
  • A clear title.
  • Quality of the drawings drawn.
  • Quality, relevance of the information and use of own words.
  • Construction of the timeline (accuracy, showing progression of time, clarity of the layout)
  • Bibliography.
  • General presentation and neatness.

Other things to remember
  • This project must be presented on A2 cardboard. (Your cardboard  MUST be at least 54cm wide)
  • You must include your full name and class on the front, bottom, right hand corner of the poster.
  • Your poster must have a large, clear title.
  • The bibliography is to be stuck on the back , bottom, right hand corner of the poster.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ruby Red Shoes

Ruby’s Grandmother is called Babushka Gallina Galushka. Babushka means Grandmother in Russian. Gallina means silent and Galushka means dumpling.“She is round and cuddly and smells of violets.” Says Ruby.

Ruby collects buttons and has jars and little boxes filled with them. She loves the colours, they all look so small and important. When Babushka Galushka makes Ruby’s clothes, Ruby spends lots of time choosing which buttons to have.
The rest of the story can be found here at

Babushka Galushka gave Ruby the name Ruby Red Shoes when she was a baby. Her tiny feet would get cold like river pebbles so Babushka knitted Ruby a little pair of red shoes. They were the colour of radishes.
When anyone tried to take them off her feet she would cry and squeal.

Ruby Red Shoes Plush Toy

This adorable Ruby Red Shoes plush toy, with the softest of fur, is irresistible to snuggle with and tell all your stories and secrets too!
Approximate height 40cm.

Pirates ahoy!!

Our Class are preparing for a Pirate oral, based on their own researched written task, about their chosen pirate...a few have chosen Edward Teach, also known as the infamous "Blackbeard". Other choises have been Mary Read and Anne Bonny, Henry Morgan and Jack Rackam.

Edward Teach or Thatch (lived from 1680 to November 22, 1718), better known as Blackbeard, was a notorious English pirate who operated around the West Indies and the eastern coast of the American colonies.

Teach was most likely born in Bristol, England. Little is known about his early life, but in 1716 he joined the crew of Benjamin Hornigold, a pirate who operated from the Caribbean island of New Providence. He quickly gained his own ship, the Queen Anne's Revenge, and from 1717–1718 became a notorious and feared pirate. His cognomen was derived from his thick black beard and fearsome appearance; he was reported to have tied lit fuses under his hat to frighten his enemies.

After separating from Hornigold, Teach formed an alliance of pirates, and with his cohorts blockaded the port of Charleston, South Carolina. After successfully ransoming the port's inhabitants, he reportedly ran his ship aground, left with a small crew, and accepted a royal pardon. He was soon back at sea however, where he attracted the attention of the Governor of Virginia, Alexander Spotswood.

Spotswood arranged for a party of soldiers and sailors to find and capture the pirate, which they did on 22 November 1718. During a ferocious battle, Teach was killed by a small force of sailors led by Lieutenant Robert Maynard.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Poetry by Children

My Heart Soars

The swaying of her mane
The swishing of her tail
The smell of her stable
Speak to me.
The twinkle in her eyes
The darkness of her ears
The pride in her ride
Speak to me.
The roughness of her muzzle
The silkiness of her fur
The clopping of her hooves
Speak to me.
And my heart soars

By Kirtsen aged 10, UK

A Bad Day

Homework is simple not like a pimple, a pimple is like a dimle they don't go AWAY, see here's the story, one time i was doing my homework and it was pretty simple but then i looked in the mirror and saw a pimple it was like my mom's dimples it wouldent go AWAY, it was like a head it could sleep in a bed it was huge it was glued to my head i couldn't believe my eyes i was so surprised i looked weird i would rather grow a beard my mom said i looked beautiful but i looked unusual then a few days later it was gone,

By Elizebeth age 11, USA

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Guess what?

I’m going to start doing “Ninjutsu” with A.W. It's so cool I like the teacher is really cool and funny. I just did the try outs and I love it already. He has a tattoo on his arm of his star sign in Japanese next to a tree. It’s a wolf so now I want a tattoo of the same but it must be my star sign.
Written by Z.B.

Congratulations to Connor on the arrival of his new baby brother!

Conor's brother was born yesterday after 10am. He is 52cm and 3,5kg.
Connor will not be in today but you can leave a message on his blog.
From the entire Grade 5 class and staff at school, CONGRATULATIONS to Connor and his family!

Connor also has a new BLOG. Here is the Link.

My baby twin brother and sister: N.M and H.M

N.M is my little sister who loves eating plain bread, ice-cream ,she loves walking around and being pushed in the pram ,she also enjoys giving people hugs and enjoys slapping me. H.M is my little brother , who loves eating crisps ,chicken, beef ,meatballs, macdonalds and K.F.C chips. He also likes drinking chocolate milk shake, fanta grape and coke. My brother also likes biting me.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

How "I Love You" is said in... 

Bulgarian: Obicham te
Cantonese: Moi oiy neya
Dutch: Ik ben verliefd op je
French: Je t'aime
Gaelic: Ta gra agam ort
German: Ich liebe Dich
Greek: s'ayapo
Irish: taim i' ngra leat
Italian: ti amo
Japanese: Suki desu
Romanian: Te Ador
Russian: Ya Tibieh Lublue
Spanish: Te amo
Swedish: Jag a"lskar dig
Thai: Khao Raak Thoe
Vietnamese: Toi yeu em
Sonnet 116: By William Shakespeare
LET me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments. Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove:
O no! it is an ever-fixè’d mark
That looks on tempests, and is never shaken;
It is the star to every wandering bark,
Whose worth’s unknown, although his height be taken.

Love’s not Time’s fool, though rosy lips and cheeks 
Within his bending sickle’s compass come;
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
But bears it out ev’’n to the edge of doom:
If this be error, and upon me proved,
I never writ, nor no man ever loved.

So why do we go to all the fuss over Valentines’ Day?  Why do people spend lots of money on gifts and cards for one another?

Well, lets go back to when it all started, hundreds of years ago in Rome, when Claudius the 2nd was the Emperor of the Roman Empire. He liked going to war against other empires so he needed a really big army.  Trouble was, all the young, strong men were too busy falling in love and getting married rather than wanting to go and fight for the Roman Army!

That’s when Claudius realised that he had to do some thing about all this ‘love’ business!
Claudius, being the ruler of the country, could do anything he wanted, so he decided to ban people from getting married so that the young men would want to fight in the army.

St Valentine was a Catholic priest in Rome.  He enjoyed working in his community and was a kind,loving, friendly person who loved to marry young couples and give them God’s blessing.  He was horrified when Claudius banned people from marrying and so he carried out secret marriageceremonies for lots of couples who wished to marry.

Unfortunately, despite being very sneaky, St. Valentine was caught and sent to prison.  Claudius the Emperor ordered for him to be beheaded and he was killed on February 14th.  This is why we celebrate St. Valentine’s day – to remember how loving and caring he was.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


It's Titanic at 8pm on etv on Sunday night!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Other class blogs to read

I have added a "blog roll" of other class blogs from around the word. Follow the link below to find a list of the best blogs of 2009 voted by "Edublogs"

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Our Classsroom

The first group of desks arrive, a view of the board and the store room door.
A solar System poster made by the students is displayed under the board.
Space books are on display on the cupboard on the right.
 My desk, files and bookshelf holding a few of my teaching resource books for making worksheets.
You can see the quad outside. That is where the classes line up in the morning and after break
 One of the three classroom doors and the sink. You can see the book corner on the right. We have since added 3 more bookshelves to it, as well as cushions and quilts.

Our classwork pinboard displaying student's work.
Pictures taken in 2008 (updated photos to be posted soon)

We Are Learning About Titanic as part of our Pirate Theme

Today in English we had a discussion based on our comprehension "Titanic". The class had lots of questions. Most of us had watched the movie "Titanic" with Jack and Rose. This article gives answers to most of our questions. Click on the link below for the entire article.
The RMS Titanic was an Olympic-class passenger liner owned by the White Star Line and was built at the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast, Ireland. At the time of her construction, she was the largest passenger steamship in the world.

Shortly before midnight on 14 April 1912, four days into the ship's maiden voyage, Titanic struck an iceberg and sank two hours and forty minutes later, early on 15 April 1912. The sinking resulted in the deaths of 1,517 of the 2,223 people on board, making it one of the deadliest peacetime maritime disasters in history. The high casualty rate was due in part to the fact that, although complying with the regulations of the time, the ship did not carry enough lifeboats for everyone aboard. The ship had a total lifeboat capacity of 1,178 people, although her maximum capacity was 3,547. A disproportionate number of men died due to the women and children first protocol that was followed.

The Titanic was designed by some of the most experienced engineers, and used some of the most advanced technology available at the time. It was popularly believed to have been unsinkable. It was a great shock to many that, despite the extensive safety features, the Titanic sank. The frenzy on the part of the media about Titanic's famous victims, the legends about the sinking, the resulting changes to maritime law, and the discovery of the wreck have contributed to the continuing interest in, and notoriety of, the Titanic.

Article found here (click on this link)

Very interesting article found here that gives a different perspective.  Below is an excerpt:

"We all know the story of the Titanic - but did you know that one man survived the disaster only to be condemned for not dying an honorable death? Here's the story of a lone Japanese onboard of the ill-fated ocean liner whose survival actually became a curse.
In 1910 Japan's Transportation Ministry sent an official named Masabumi Hosono to Russia to study that country's railroad system. Hosono finished his assignment in early 1912 and, following a brief stop in London, began the next leg of his trip home by embarking across the Atlantic on the RMS Titanic. Needless to say, that leg of the trip didn't go quite as planned.
On April 14, at 11:40 p.m., just four days into its maiden voyage, the Titanic struck an iceberg while traveling near top speed and began taking on water...."

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Our Favourite Subjects

In Grade Five our favourite subjects are:
Maths because it's interesting, we can spend time with our old teacher and it's fun.(C.F.)
Art because we love to draw and our teacher gives us creative ideas. (A.W.)
Technology because you get to create cool stuff (M.S.)
English because it's fun and we learn about new things in themes, like Machines, pirates, Victorians and Dinosaurs. (M.T.)
Music because it makes me feel alive, I lOVE it! (N.d.G.)
History because its facinating to learn how people lived in the past. (J.C.)

NEW Pirate Theme

Our new theme in English is: PIRATES AND SHIPWRECKS
"Arrrr me maties we are going to have a lot of fun!"
Poetry Task: Find a “Pirate” themed poem
Include author and poem’s title. You will be assessed on your ability to find an appropriately theme and age appropriate poem. You may use the internet or a book or magazine.
Due date: Monday 8 February

Writing Task: Research a famous Pirate of your choice
In paragraphs, tell us about the following:
· Where was your pirate born?
· What was their life like before they became a pirate?
· Where did they do most of their piracy?
· What kind of person were they?
· Any interesting stories about their life, true or possibly mythical.
· Your opinion of the pirate. Did their actions have merit or were they just a thoroughly bad person?
For a twist, consider researching a female pirate or even pirates who looted in Southern African seas.
Due date: Tuesday 23rd February

Oral Task: Share your Pirate research with the class as set out in your written report
Based on your written piece, no more than 10 cue cards, 1 word per card. Bring a photo/illustration of your pirate as well as anything else that may be of interest.
Due date: Tuesday 23rd February

Monday, February 8, 2010

Grade 5 Rocks

Grade 5 really rocks and my teacher is so cool she does all kinds of stuff with us like our own blog and our own reasearch time . My favourite soccer player is Cristiano Ronaldo.
Written by T.S.

Cristiano Ronaldo

I think that Cristiano Ronaldo is #1 soccer player in world
Written by VF

Welcome to our Grade Five Class Blog!

I am a Grade Five class teacher to 13 children from differing cultures and backgrounds. Their ages range from 9 - 11years old. There are 5 girls and 8 boys.

This blog is a display of our creative writing, thoughts and feelings, as well as our adventures.
We hope you enjoy reading our blog and learning about how we live in Cape Town, South Africa.

Miss Tyler-Smith xxx