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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Timeline Project Brief

Decide on a topic that has developed over time.  
This could be either a timeline of a famous person or the development of an aspect of history.These are the recommended topics:
  • The History of Writing
  • The History of Fashion
  • The History of Transport
  • The History of Mozart
  • The History of the Computer
  • The History of Democracy 

Research your chosen topic, using a wide range of resources. 
Use as many sources of information as you can, e.g. The Internet, magazines, books, pamphlets, video’s, tapes…You must use at least two books and one Internet site. (Remember to jot down all the information you’ll need for your bibliography before to hand the books back to the library 

Read through information in the sources and jot down all the important dates. Keep all your information and rough work in either your flip file or research book.
Work out a simple timeline scale.
1) Write down the first and last date that you have chosen to look at.
2) Calculate how many years are in between.
3) Decide on how many jumps you’d like your timeline to have.
4) Take your rough numbers to your teacher who will help you work out an appropriate scale.

Start the neat work on your project.
1) Draw your timeline neatly on your poster.
2) Clearly and very neatly, fill in the important dates on your timeline.
3) Add in your text on the important landmark dates.
4) Add pictures (some may be photocopied, printed from the Internet or cut from pamphlets or magazines, but you must include some hand drawn pictures too.)
5) Add a border, colour, patterns or anything else you’d like to enhance your poster’s overall appearance.

Remember to include a bibliography.
Refer to your notes on how to write a bibliography.

What your teacher will be looking for.
  • A clear title.
  • Quality of the drawings drawn.
  • Quality, relevance of the information and use of own words.
  • Construction of the timeline (accuracy, showing progression of time, clarity of the layout)
  • Bibliography.
  • General presentation and neatness.

Other things to remember
  • This project must be presented on A2 cardboard. (Your cardboard  MUST be at least 54cm wide)
  • You must include your full name and class on the front, bottom, right hand corner of the poster.
  • Your poster must have a large, clear title.
  • The bibliography is to be stuck on the back , bottom, right hand corner of the poster.

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  1. Hey Miss Tyler this timeline project was fun really really fun thanks. T.s


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