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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ruby Red Shoes

Ruby’s Grandmother is called Babushka Gallina Galushka. Babushka means Grandmother in Russian. Gallina means silent and Galushka means dumpling.“She is round and cuddly and smells of violets.” Says Ruby.

Ruby collects buttons and has jars and little boxes filled with them. She loves the colours, they all look so small and important. When Babushka Galushka makes Ruby’s clothes, Ruby spends lots of time choosing which buttons to have.
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Babushka Galushka gave Ruby the name Ruby Red Shoes when she was a baby. Her tiny feet would get cold like river pebbles so Babushka knitted Ruby a little pair of red shoes. They were the colour of radishes.
When anyone tried to take them off her feet she would cry and squeal.

Ruby Red Shoes Plush Toy

This adorable Ruby Red Shoes plush toy, with the softest of fur, is irresistible to snuggle with and tell all your stories and secrets too!
Approximate height 40cm.


  1. Hi i am Charlotte . H from year5rc. I would just like to say Hello to each and every one of you!!! I am in year 5 too. I would also like to say Congratulations Connor with his new baby brother!!!! I would really love it if you went onto our blog and gave us some feed back on it. You see, we are new to having a blog. How long have you been blogging???
    Hope to hear from you soon!!!
    Bye :) :) :)

  2. Charlotte, you forgot to give us your blogs link. We would love to read it!


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