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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Captain William Kidd

  • William Kidd was born sometime during  1645 in Scotland
  • He was a sailor when he was a young man and went to live in America and had a great success as a merchant and a privateer and was also friends with a Governer called Benjamin Flecher .In 1689 he was serving aboard a privateer in the Caribbean .He stole the ship,was elected captian and named it Blessed William.After a while his crew left him when they decided to be pirates. Captian Kidd went back to NewYork and married a widow.When he was leaving in September a journey of seven months brought William to pain for he lost 50 crewmembers from diseases and ran low on supplies.By May the pressure broke into him and gaveup his mission and turned into a pirate instead of a piratehunter.
  • Captian William Kidd did most of his piracy in EastIndia.
  • He was acctually a good person but suffered from hunger and thirst and lost alot of crewmembers while being a piratehunter so turned bad.
  • He was accused for killing a Captian of a ship and his name was William Moore.Kidd was accused for throwing a steel bucket against his head and fractured his skull and died a day later.After a year in prison, on the 23 May, his body was hung in a cage and stayed there for seven years as a warning to everyone who decideds to be pirates.
  • Captian William Kidds actions did have merit because he didnt want to die and he was in pain and suffer so he acctually did it for a reason(to save himself).
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