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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Our Favourite Subjects

In Grade Five our favourite subjects are:
Maths because it's interesting, we can spend time with our old teacher and it's fun.(C.F.)
Art because we love to draw and our teacher gives us creative ideas. (A.W.)
Technology because you get to create cool stuff (M.S.)
English because it's fun and we learn about new things in themes, like Machines, pirates, Victorians and Dinosaurs. (M.T.)
Music because it makes me feel alive, I lOVE it! (N.d.G.)
History because its facinating to learn how people lived in the past. (J.C.)


  1. Maths class is cool C.F.
    Drawing is nice.
    You got that right M.S.
    music rocks
    and history is intresting

  2. F.M. your comments are fantastic so far - keep it up!

  3. Hi Miss Tyler-Smith. The blog is wonderful. Great job.


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