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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

NEW Pirate Theme

Our new theme in English is: PIRATES AND SHIPWRECKS
"Arrrr me maties we are going to have a lot of fun!"
Poetry Task: Find a “Pirate” themed poem
Include author and poem’s title. You will be assessed on your ability to find an appropriately theme and age appropriate poem. You may use the internet or a book or magazine.
Due date: Monday 8 February

Writing Task: Research a famous Pirate of your choice
In paragraphs, tell us about the following:
· Where was your pirate born?
· What was their life like before they became a pirate?
· Where did they do most of their piracy?
· What kind of person were they?
· Any interesting stories about their life, true or possibly mythical.
· Your opinion of the pirate. Did their actions have merit or were they just a thoroughly bad person?
For a twist, consider researching a female pirate or even pirates who looted in Southern African seas.
Due date: Tuesday 23rd February

Oral Task: Share your Pirate research with the class as set out in your written report
Based on your written piece, no more than 10 cue cards, 1 word per card. Bring a photo/illustration of your pirate as well as anything else that may be of interest.
Due date: Tuesday 23rd February


  1. miss ts it is pirate not pet (oral task photo/illustration). from cf i am looking foward to to handing in my written work

  2. All sorted C.F.. I'm looking forward to reading your exciting pirate report too, as well as seeing all of you dressed up. We should take photos of the class in their swashbuckling outfits!


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