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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Poetry by Children

My Heart Soars

The swaying of her mane
The swishing of her tail
The smell of her stable
Speak to me.
The twinkle in her eyes
The darkness of her ears
The pride in her ride
Speak to me.
The roughness of her muzzle
The silkiness of her fur
The clopping of her hooves
Speak to me.
And my heart soars

By Kirtsen aged 10, UK

A Bad Day

Homework is simple not like a pimple, a pimple is like a dimle they don't go AWAY, see here's the story, one time i was doing my homework and it was pretty simple but then i looked in the mirror and saw a pimple it was like my mom's dimples it wouldent go AWAY, it was like a head it could sleep in a bed it was huge it was glued to my head i couldn't believe my eyes i was so surprised i looked weird i would rather grow a beard my mom said i looked beautiful but i looked unusual then a few days later it was gone,

By Elizebeth age 11, USA

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