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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Egypt Project Display

This term the Grade 5's learned about Ancient Egypt this term 
We watched documentaries, read book, researched and discussed.
Zoe's Poster discussing Ancient Egyptian Art and Architecture
Connor's Shaduf done in Technology with Miss Reid
 Jessica's mummy and coffin - made by her entirely!


  1. Hi Miss Tyler-Smith and Class:

    I really enjoyed looking at your blog, especially the Egyptian post! The art work was amazing. The mummy looked almost real, and the poster was put together really well. Come visit our blog! Hope you enjoy reading it!

  2. Egypt is really holy and historical place and it is famous for its pyramids and mummy. I really enjoyed reading your blog and watching your project work. I also got idea of making project on Egyptian.

  3. I should say the Egypt projects were very outstanding.

  4. these is cool projects and I have picked because their so cool im going to make a mummie

  5. I love your Egyptian projects. I'm new to the curriculum this year (I teach 6th grade) and your ideas are extremely helpful. I love your cute webpage too:)
    -JKV (Redwood City, CA)

  6. Hi Miss Tyler,
    I am doing an egyptian project and think yours look great! Wow!

  7. This is amazing. The fact that these kid were given a chance to create unique model that expresses what they have been studying. This project also tells the teacher the fact that they are understanding the concepts of civilizations and receiving a good understanding of Egyptian culture.
    Well done!

  8. Great display!! I'd love to know how the canopic jars were made for the mummy display.

  9. did Jessica use a doll to make her awesome mummy ???


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