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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our New School

Our school is going to be moving to a new property in January 2011. 
At the moment the school hasnt been built, so we will have lessons in prefabricated classrooms for a few years. 
They estimate that the building will take 2-3 years to complete. 
Removal trucks will be arriving on 11th December.

This is what the architects have designed:
 The Primary School (the left of the property) Ages 5 - 12
The High School (the right of the proprty) Ages 13 - 18


  1. Dear Miss Tyler-Smith
    How exciting to be in a new school. It opens up all sorts of possibilities!

    Your school set-up is very similar to ours as we have students from age 5 up to age 18 also.
    Until 2004, we had a separate primary school and a separate secondary school in Reefton, but that year the two schools merged and we all moved from the primary school to the secondary school site.
    Now we are known as an area school. We have about 200 students at our school.
    How many students are in your school?
    Why are you getting a new school site?

    from Mrs McKenzie

  2. I agree with Mrs McKenzie, it must be very exciting to be getting an entire new school. We are currently having our classroom built so we are in a pre-fab at the moment. They are alright but we have a longing to be back in our classroom, we're very luck that in New Zealand its late Spring heading into Summer so its not as cold as it cold be! I wonder if you could take some photographs of the construction of your new school so we could see the work in progress.

  3. Our class teacher gave us a site of 16 blogs that we can browse through and write what we like about it, what we don't like about it and how we will change it. And so far I like how you have a site where we can adopt our own virtual pets!


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