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Monday, March 22, 2010

Ten Tips for Students

The following general tips are intended to help all children improve their organizational skills, work habits, and overall production with schoolwork. We encourage you to print and share this list with the learning disabled children in your life. Found HERE.
  • Get organized.
    Organize all of your materials, books, notebooks, etc.
  • Plan and budget time.
    Make a plan that includes budgeting the amount of time needed for different subjects, break times, and due dates for assignments.
  • Color code.
    Use a color-coding system to organize materials for each subject.
  • Record assignments.
    Use an assignment notebook to record all homework and long-term projects.
  • Be methodical.
    Organize all your books, notes, handouts, flashcards, study-guides, outlines, etc. before studying for a test or quiz.
  • Think small.
    Remember to break-up long-term assignments into small, manageable, working chunks in your daily homework schedule.
  • Know your best time of day.
    Choose to study during the time of day or night when you are most alert.
  • Take breaks.
    Take scheduled breaks during long homework assignments.
  • Double-check your work.
    Make sure to check your assignments for errors before turning them in to your teacher.
  • Take advantage of resources.
    Ask teachers, parents, and tutors for extra help and clarification.


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