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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Writing Assignment 2

  1. My Family Heritage (100+ words) 2 group points
  2. My Favourite possesion and why (100+ words) 2 group points 
  3. My Pet (100+ words) 2 group points
  4. Advice to teachers (100+ words) 2 group points
  5. A review of a TV show, movie or computer game (100+ words) 2 group points
  6. Why children should be allowed to come to school in civvies everyday (100+ words) 2 group points
  • Copy and paste the title of your chosen written piece and put it at the top of your post so we know which one you chose.
  • Either write or copy your work into Word before pressing "SEND" in case the computer freezes or crashes and you lose all of it and cry or say a rude word!
  • PLEASE REMEMBER to write your name in the Name/URL block
  • If you have your own blog, leave a comment, linking to your written assignment on your blog 
  • Add a photo if it's on your own blog.
  • All writing in FULL SENTENCES please


  1. Why children should be allowed to come to school in civvies everyday:
    Children should be able to come to school in civvies every day because it would save time because you wouldn't have to look for school clothes every day. Everybody would look different and would be able to be themselves. I think I would be able to learn better if I were more comfortable.
    Another good reason for children to wear civvies every day is because you don't feel all boring and dull.
    To dress up as Ruby Red Shoes would make Miss Tyler-Smith smile and we all like a happy teacher!
    And that is why I think we should be allowed to wear civvies every day.

    Hope your special day is full of fun and laughter.
    Lot's of Love

  3. Thank you Aurora. The jumping-out-from-behind-your-desks surprise this morning was a big shock! I never suspected it! Thank you for the incense burner, froggy plant friend and lovely card.

  4. My Pet
    1.My pets name is Versace Gypsey Castle.
    2.She is eight years old .
    3.She will be turning nine years old this year.
    4.Versace is a mix between an Alsation and a German Sheperd .
    5.Versace is a little bit of a big dog but she is very gentle and I mean very gentle.
    6.Versaces favourite food is any type of meat but her most favourite food , well meat is biltong and what biltong is,is it is acctually dried meat from a springbok with pepper and spices on.
    7.Versace is pronounced Fer-such-ee.
    8.Versace was named after one of the greatest artist of all time.
    9.Versaces nick names are buches ,saces and sace.
    10.Oh and I almost forgot to tell you that Versace's birthday is on the 22nd of September.
    THE END!


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