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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our playground

This is where we play and spend our breaks. The grass is dry because it's the end of our Summer. 
It does not rain in Summer in Cape Town.


  1. Next week, the kids will take photos of our playground areas and post them on our blog. Our site is overlooking the Dornoch Firth and some hills. At the moment there is plenty of grass area, but soon it will disappear. There is a plan to build a new health centre on the playing fields. This is badly needed in the town, but the fields will be missed by many people, not just the pupils.

  2. Mrs Gordon, Dornoch Firth looks beautiful. We all agreed that it would be an awful thing to lose such a green piece of land.
    Zoe would like to thank you for looking at our blog. She hopes that they leave you a little bit off green to look at out of your window.
    Jessica hopes you can keep your firth somehow.
    Aurora says hello and thinks that Scotland looks magical.
    Connor suggests you protest against the building of the Health Center.

  3. I really enjoy the sports field it is so spaces and comfertable.


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