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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Review: "Miss Tyler-Smith’s Grade Five Blog is a grade A blog"

"I was contacted by Miss Tyler-Smith a while ago through the contact page, asking if I would review her classroom blog.  Not knowing what a ‘classroom blog’ exactly was, I was immediately intrigued and began to check out the blog straightaway.
I have to say that the blog is one of the happiest I’ve come across.
As the the title would suggest, Miss Tyler-Smith’s Grade Five Blog is a blog of Miss Tyler-Smith’s Grade Five class, who are a class in an independent school in Cape Town, South Africa.
The blog was setup to allow for the children in the class to have a safe place to share their ideas, which is, in my opinion at least, a wonderful idea.
Featuring everything from information on the ‘Learner of the Week’, to historical resources about parts of history that the class have been learning about and through to pictures of them hard at work (looking like they’re having a really enjoyable time, however – school must have changed since I was there!), Miss Tyler-Smith’s Grade Five Blog is well worth checking out, irrelevant of whether you’re from an educational background or not – I guarantee it will bring a smile to anyone’s face"

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