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Monday, March 15, 2010

Thank you for the lovely gifts!

Grade Fives, my goodness, I didnt expect to walk into the classroom this morning and have you all jumping out from behind your desks!! What a surprise this morning! It was a big shock! I never suspected it! Thank you for the chalk board decorations.

Aurora, thank you for the incense burner, froggy plant friend and lovely card.
Jade, thank you for the pink Jasmin hand cream and hand wash. What a magical smell!
Natasha, thank you for the orange birthday card, red and orange necklace and bath ball.
Zoe, thank you for the biscuits and Whispers.


  1. Dear Miss Tyler-Smith,

    Happy birthday to you!!! You should be proud you have such hearty kids!

    With love from Russia,
    Lyudmila and class

  2. Thank you Lyudmila, that is very kind of you to say.

  3. Happy birthday Miss Tyler-Smith. It sounds like you were thoroughly spoiled by your class. I hope you have a lovely day and many more. From Fiona Beal

  4. Happy birthday! It sounds like you have a great class! =)

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