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Friday, March 5, 2010

A review of our Breede River High Africa camp last year.

Last year Grade 4 - 7 went on camp.  
Here is the link to the campsite and some photos of us.

Farikai on the "Leap of Faith"
The boys building a river raft
Team work through the brown mile
Farikai taking a break
Connor doing "manly stuff"
Taine: "What you lookin at??!!"
Julie, one of the camp leaders
Working together to achieve a goal

The teachers having their morning coffee in peace,
while the children are fast asleep, all worn out from night raids and other kid-type camp silliness
The boys tents
Our chicken potjiekos (Afrikaans for "")
Mia climbing higher and higher
Abdul reaching the top of the climbing wall

Aurora the mud-mermaid
Getting messy in the river.


  1. Hi I am Mia I can’t believe I got so dirty in the river but it was oodels and oodles of FUN.

  2. L loved the camp it was awesome l loved swimming in the Breeda river it was fun. Abdul

  3. The teachers kept a safe distance from the mud, up on the look out deck. :o)

  4. Hi. Mud Mermaid here. Wow when I look back at these pictures I remember all the great memories of being on camp Like Phumi forgetting all her questions and losing my aliceband in the river (which I still haven't found). Teachers: rest up while you can...we're ready for the next one! Prepare for sleepless nights and super fun, 'cause "watch out camp, here we come!"

  5. Mia - wow! You climbed really high! I remember that was about 12 feet high.

  6. hi Aurora here we are all in grade 6 now I miss all those fun memories.Aurora


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