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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Classrooms From Around The World

Pirate Theme
Space Theme
They come from a site that doesn't say where exactly they come from,
but I would guess America and Britain.
The link is found here


  1. Hi my name is Beth and i'm from Mr.Lunds class and thats the blog you post to. I really like that idea of having aliens and pirate because in my head I think it is showing what you think aliens and pirates look like in your head. I wish we could make aliens and pirates in our class since i'm a arts and craft person. When you comment to our blog I feel happy because, we are sharing to the world what we learn. What you learn in South Africa I think is amazing because, the aftercare keeps kid happy so they don't have to go to a day care. Well I really like learning about you guys and seeing what your blog looks like. ( I look at it everyday ).

  2. Beth, that is one of the NICEST comments we've ever received! Thank you! I can't wait to read it to my 5th Graders today. (its 6:50am now and school starts at 8am)

  3. those are all cool posters we should make ones like that too

  4. (Read this with a parite akcent)

    Arr me matties that's some poster you got there!

    from Fariai

  5. Go back to Earth we must,for the force will be with us all the way

  6. L love posters =] . From Abdul


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