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Friday, March 5, 2010

Our Space Projects

The class were given the assignment of choosing a planet of their choice, and then researching and solving the problems of light, heat, energy, sustainable food source, transport and breathing air.

The covers of the project (Zoe and Taine)
A hover craft using magnetic waves (Vinny)
A space suit (Joseph)
A Mars Dune buggie (Joseph)
A green house (Joseph)
A triple level green house (Zoe)
A device which converts toxic air into breathable oxygen rich air, located in the mouth. (Zoe)
The are traffic rules on Mars too! (Mia)
Energy conductors and Solar plants (Farikai)

And then there was light! (Aurora)
A sustainable town on Mars (Jade)
"Hot Tots" heated suit (Zoe)
 :Our Town... is a very very very nice town" (Jade)
 Food production (Abdul)
Truck suitable for Mercury (Jessica)


  1. Luv the awesome pictures. Abdul

  2. The Evolution of Space Food (Interesting article with photos and videos)

    Throughout history, intrepid adventurers and successful armies of conquest have marched on their stomachs.

    continued here...

  3. Your orals on Friday impressed me very much! So many creative and intelligent solutions, my goodness.

  4. Those projects still look awesome.


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