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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A NEW blog on the block!

My teacher friend, Mrs Idas has a new blog. She teaches in Cape Town too and has a Grade Five class in a big school, with three other Grade Five classes. Please follow her and leave some comments, using the comment guide poster I posted yesterday. Here is the LINK TO HER BLOG.


  1. We say hello to Miss Tyler Smith's class and we look forward to chatting to you all and hearing about your activities. We have just finished our assessments yay!!!!

  2. Hello Grade 5s!! This is the Grade Five class in Blouberg. Our teacher used to teacher at your school. She is always talking about how [insert your school's name] does it the proper way.
    We didn't write exams this term, but we are busy with tests this week. have a look at our blog to see the different projects we were busy with this term.

    The biggest were the time line and the space planet ones.

    Because we only have one class per grade our teacher has a lot of freedom and often we go off on tangents, as long as we cover the skills by the end of the term.

    Our teacher, Miss Tyler-Smith got a lot of her ideas from the time she spent teaching at your school and so it's likely we will be learning about the same things throughout the year.

    We look forward to comparing work assignments.

    Lots of love
    Grade Five from the other side of Table Bay


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