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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Look at what we are reading

Abdul: Diaper Baby by George Beard
I’ve only just started this book. Usually I read non fiction books about cricket. My favourite cricket book is called THE CAPTAINS DIARY. It’s about Graeme Smith, our countries cricket team captain. I chose that book because it looked interesting. I have a passion for cricket. I play cricket for a private cricket club on Fridays. This is a huge honor as you need to be a very good cricket player to be chosen. We play matches on Saturdays.
Jade: 2003 Guinness World Record Book by Stuart Newport
It tells you all about the records that happened in 2003. In the first few pages it says all the cool things about 2002 records.
One the of the most interesting things was the shortest man in the world. He was only 2 feet tall. Another fascinating fact was that a man put 133 wooden pegs on his face for 4.24 seconds.
Mia: Diaper Baby by George Beard
The book is very interesting. It’s about these two boys called Harold and George. They were very naughty. I chose it because it looked quite funny because there is a baby on the front with a cape on and its flying.
Aurora: Princess Pearl by Giles Andreae
This book is not like most fairy tales because the princess is blind and her life is isn’t perfect. She is disabled. I find this interesting because it makes me realize that not everything can be perfect, not even in fairy tales. For example, in my life I have struggles with school work. So reading this book helps me believe in myself, because if she can overcome her disability, I can try hard in school and do my best, no matter what that is.
Michael: Ripley's Believe it or Not
This book is exciting.
Farikai, Taine and Connor: The Harry Potter Series
Taine: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by JK Rowling
When I first started reading the Harry Potter series I thought I wouldn’t like it but it turns out it’s a very nice series of books. I chose it because it’s a very thick book and it will keep me busy for as long as it takes. I’m already on page 12 of the book and it’s barely started, and already I’m hooked.

Joseph: Star Wars by Ryder Windham
I chose the book because it discusses every series. I can also see what happens in the Star Wars play station games. I also took it so I can see who acted in the movie and the voice over artist in the cartoons.
Vinny: Captain Underpants by George Beard
Captain Underpants returns to save the city! He defeats all the bad guys and helps all the old super hero’s. I chose it because I love him. I find him very funny. There are 6 books in the series and I have read three.
  Zoe: The Twits by Roald Dahl
I chose it because my teacher loves Roald Dahl books and I wanted to find out why for myself. It’s about a couple who are husband and wife. There are all these types of strange animals. The husband and wife are always playing tricks on each other in nasty ways.


  1. Hello Miss Tyler-Smith and the Grade 5s!

    I'm the teacher of a Grade 2 class in Western Australia. We call ourselves "The Smarties".

    What fabulous books you guys are reading. I used to be a library teacher, so I love seeing what kids like to read. Some of the ones you have shown are among my favourites!

    I love your blog. I notice you are not far from the ocean. My school is close to the ocean too.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what else you all get up to in class this year. Maybe you'd like to join our Earth Day project? We want to hear about what other classes are doing for Earth Day (April 22nd) to help the environment.

    Love Mrs N

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