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Thursday, March 4, 2010

We are making NEW friends

"We received a comment to our Camp Greenville post from fifth graders all the way in South Africa!  According to our Feedjit, it appears that they live somewhere near Cape Town.  I thought it would be interesting to find out more about where our new friends live.  Here’s what you need to do:
  1. Read their comment under the Camp Greenville post.  They have provided a link that shows a camp they went to last year.  Check it out, there are some great pictures!
  2. Go to Google Maps and type in Cape Town, South Africa.  This will show you where they live on the world map.  Zoom all the way out so you can see just how far away they are!
  3. Check out this tourist site about Cape Town.  If you were to visit Cape Town, which of these things would you like to do?
  4. Lastly, post a letter to our friends on your student blog.  Title it A-16–South Africa Friends.  In the letter, please thank them for visiting our blog, tell them a little about what you’ve learned about Cape Town, and maybe ask a few questions about where they live.
Can’t wait to read your letters!  Happy posting!
Mrs. B :)"

"Wow! It´s incredible! A group of year 5 students from Cape Town (South Africa) got in touch with us! We are really exhited! They also have their own class blog, very well organised by their teacher Miss Tyler-Smith. I invite you to visit it. It´s really interesting and nice. Just click on the image.
Hello dear African friends! And thank you so much for your comments in our blog.
We´ll be in touch"

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