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Monday, October 11, 2010

Growing Beans and Corn - Week 1

This term the Grade 5s are learning about seeds, how some seeds have two parts to them like beans, and are called dicotyledons, and others have one one part, like corn, and are called monocotyledons. 
We have planted both beans, corn and seeds we found outside in the garden, and are going to observe them for 5 weeks to see how they grow. Wish us luck!
 Connor with his seeds
 Zoe with her seeds Hope, Carly, Charlotte and Lily.
 Farikai with his seed children Joley, Mike, Jane and Charlie.
 Mia, a proud seed Mommy to Shayan, Sharla, Azilia and Zoya.
 Abdul with his seeds, Tom, Renaldo and Samantha
 Michael, father to seed babies Jesse and Jack.
Vinny, Daddy to seeds Eddie, Sam and Mia
Jade, showing off Manny, Seth, Nika and Kim
 Aurora with Annebell-Lee, Esperanza, Mina and Delila.
Taine, so proud with his seed babies, Shaun, Max and Jack.


  1. Your bean growing looks really interesting. Keep up the good work.
    Mrs Eden and Room 13

  2. Well done. Your work looks interesting.
    Mrs Eand Room 13

  3. Hi Miss Tyler Smith and Grade 5,
    Love the pictures of you with your babies (and they even have names!!). I hope they grow big and strong! My kindergarten class and I have planted some broad bean seeds and we are watching them grow too. Maybe you could visit our class blog and have a look? We will definitely be back to see how you all go.
    From Ms Dowling and KD

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  5. I found your blog while doing a google search for growing beans. I'm going to have my 7th grade students build terraqua columns (from Bottle Biology) and test a hypothesis for growing the biggest plants. I've never tried this before, and with 112 students am worried I will be overrun with plants. How fun to see that beans are grown in science classes all over the world!


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