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Monday, October 4, 2010

Bringing the World to your Classroom

During the holidays I was asked to speak at a conference on using IT in the classroom to network.
I talked about this class blog, pointing out its different features and applications.
Although Bergvliet was a good 45min drive from where we live, I felt it was worth going along and sharing the joy I've experienced from my own class blog. Thank you to Fiona Beal for the opportunity to speak.

South African and other Speakers ran presentations and hands-on workshops, they introduced new technologies to educators and discussed the importance and use of ICT in education.
This was an environment for teachers to network with other teachers and discuss the real issues associated with introducing ICT into lessons, and used it as an effective teaching tool. It was also a time to be inspired by the Speakers who brought stories of success, determination and of ways they overcame the many hurdles of going through the transition of integrating ICTs into the classroom and curriculum. The workshops offered a hands-on aspect to the conference, equipping attendees with practical ideas and skills.

The conference was held on the 26th, 27th, 28th of September 2010
e-Schools' Network - Innovate 2010 Schools ICT Conference was held at The Cape Academy of Mathematics, Science and Technology, Firgrove Way, Bergvliet.


  1. Hi Claire, thanks so much for taking part in my blogging session. It was quite amazing - my own EDUBLOGS blog, that I wanted to demonstrate, wouldn't open on the presenters' laptop - but fortunately you were able to give a really good demonstration of your lovely BLOGSPOT blog which DID open. Thanks for that. Fiona

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