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Friday, October 15, 2010

Incan head dresses

We are learning about the Incas who lived in South America about 500 years ago.
Above are examples of their head dresses. We made our own in Art class today.

 Incan Prince Abdul
 Incan Prince Connor
  Incan Prince Farikai
  Incan Prince Joseph
  Incan Prince Michael
  Incan Prince Taine
  Incan Prince Vinny
  Incan Princess Aurora
   Incan Princess Jade
   Incan Princess Jessica
   Incan Princess Mia
  Incan Princess Zoe


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  2. I found this site when I did a Google image search for "Inca Princess". I was looking for images to accompany poetry at my blog. Your class must be fun !

  3. Hello my name is Juan Soto, i'm peruvian...
    estaría encantado de responder sus preguntas sobre la cultura Inca, antepasados de mi país.


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