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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

101 Things to Do Over the Summer

Summer has arrived in South Africa, and although we still have ten weeks left of the last term before school breaks up on 10th December, I thought I'd post this video, just because its so fantastic!

Here are 101 things that the senior students and I created:
  1. Play board games.
  2. Get a make over at the mall.
  3. Throw a sleep over.
  4. Make an ultra breakfast for your friends or family.
  5. Give yourself a free pass/coupon to eat whatever you want for one day.
  6. Play charades with you friends.
  7. Rent 5 scary movies and watch them with your friends within 2 days.
  8. Go have a fun time at a playground.
  9. Make a pizza.
  10. Read and write some poetry.
  11. Make a scrap book about a relationship you are in, family, friends, or things you did over the summer.
  12. Pick some flowers from your garden and put them in your room.
  13. Grab a magazine and take some quizzes out of it.
  14. Have a small picnic.
  15. Look through old photos.
  16. Complete a Sudoku
  17. Discover a new talent.
  18.  Meditate for 10 minutes.
  19. Throw a theme party and invite your closest friends.
  20. Go bowling!
  21. Write down 3 goals you want to accomplish for the school year to come.
  22. Read a novel or different style of book that you usually don't read.
  23. Treat a friend to lunch.
  24. Make ice lollies.
  25. Offer to help your parents.
  26. Pitch a tent, invite some friends over, cook marshmallows, and have a fun camping experience.
  27. Blow bubbles.
  28. Start a book club.
  29. Go to an amusement park.
  30. Make a collage.
  31. Play miniature golf!
  32. Create a treasure hunt
  33. Go to a flea market to find treasures.
  34. Create a blog.
  35. Make a mixed CD.
  36. Make cupcakes and decorate them too
  37. Go across the room with an egg balanced on your head.
  38. Go to the park.
  39. Take a nice warm bubble bath.
  40. Ride a bike.
  41. Do your hair and makeup for fun.
  42. Teach your pet a trick.
  43. Write a play and get some people to act it out.
  44. Have a swimming relay race.
  45. Set up a mini Olympics in your garden
  46. Do handstands and flips.
  47. Watch a sunset.
  48. Watch a sunrise.
  49. Help out at the local nursing home.
  50. Plan and do a fundraiser, and donate money to your public school/town library.
  51. Switch places with your friend for a day, and you must act like her, live with her family, etc.
  52. Look up big words, and then use them to sound smart.
  53. Make short surveys (they can have dumb questions) and have people fill them out.
  54. Give a piggy-back ride.
  55. Write your autobiography.
  56. Write a fan letter to your favourite actor or author.
  57. Make lemonade.
  58. Offer to cook dinner for your family and set the table like a restaurant. Play the waiter.
  59. Set up the lounge like a movie theatre and make tickets and popcorn.
  60. Make a time capsule and bury it.
  61. Write a letter to your Grandparent(s)
  62. Give gifts to five people for no reason.
  63. Alter an old t-shirt to update its look.
  64. Paint your own portrait.
  65. Start a journal.
  66. Do a cross word.
  67. Do a word search. Create a word search using this website.
  68. Write a song.
  69. Start a vegetable garden
  70. Pick up litter.
  71. Wash your pet(s)
  72. Go for a walk on the beach.
  73. Make salt dough using this website.
  74. Give hugs to five people.
  75. Make five smile.
  76. Make a fruit salad
  77. Make a sand castle
  78. Make mud pies
  79. Create your own board game.
  80. Play noughts and crosses
  81. Learn a few phrases in a new language
  82. Have a themed Chinese dinner night. Dress up.
  83. Wear your strangest clothing combination and go out wearing it. (eg flippers, water wings, stockings and a tutu)
  84. Eat only a certain colour food for a day/meal.
  85. Learn a poem off by heart.
  86. Swap stickers with someone.
  87. Start a star chart.
  88. Star gaze.
  89. Clean your cupboard.
  90. Give your unwanted things to charity.
  91. Read a story aloud to someone.
  92. Make a Bento box lunch
  93. Make and send a handmade card.
  94. Draw a cartoon strip.
  95. Take photographs.
  96. Use to create a photo page like Mia&Aurora
  97. Fly a kite.
  98. Make your own jewelry.
  99. Wear your hair in an unusual style for the day.
  100. Phone a friend.
  101. Document all of these activities in a journal/blog/film and share it with the world.


  1. Hi everyone,
    Your blog is fantastic. I enjoyed reading 101 things to do in the summer holidays. I even got some ideas. What do you like to do in the summer holidays?

  2. Thanks for the ideas....i like it very much...

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  4. i would so do 52

  5. What seems for me also important to do during the summer is to visit open air dance clubs :) I did it last year and I'm so excited. I even made a list of places I've been to, you can see them here- Klubai Klaipedoje :) Try to do the same, I guarantee you will not regret :)


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