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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Writing Assignment 6

  1. Write a 200 word essay on the Talent Show, held last night.
  2. Write a 200 word essay on your dream concert.
  3. Write a 200 word essay on the upcoming camp to SOS school in the wilds.
  4. Write a 200 word essay on your dream camp.
  5. Write a 200 word essay on your dream school.


  1. The concert was delightful and awsome.I had so much fun and there was lots of laughter,dancing and acting.My friends and I did two plays,one was called Sally and the limpet and the other is called The secret.The secret my friends and I made up but Sally and the Limpet was a book.Everyone kept telling us when the concert was over,"Well done I loved the play".My two most favourites were the dead parrot sketh and the grade eights dance to'I like to move it'.I had a great time and I really enjoyed it!When one ofthe girls in the intermediate phase was dancing I stood up and started clapping .When I did that then everyone started doing it.My friend Aurora said at the end "Wow,I think you started a clapping club".We all dressed up in costumes and when our act was finished we all ran through the corridor to get dressed into our next costumes and we were laughing away and shouting happily because one of us nearly fell while running.When the show was over every one was in the passage and it was very crowded and like I said every one came up to us and said"Job well done, that was very good".

  2. Miss tyler that was really hard.

  3. Well Jade, you did an outstanding job! Very well written.
    Miss Tyler-Smith

  4. Well thank you Miss Tyler Smith I think so to.


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