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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

SOS Camp 2010 Blog to Follow!!

 From Monday till Wednesday the Grade 4 - 7 classes (41 children)
and their four teachers went to SOS school in the Wilds.
We travelled by bus for 90minutes and arrived at the farm at 10:30am.
The boys and girls each slept in separate dormitories, and the staff had their own building.

Each day was filled with activities and recreation time.
There was a tuck shop and animals to play with.
The food was wholesome and delicious.
We cooked our own lunch on the second day. Braaied boerewors and bread sticks.

Here is a link to the camp website:

I'm struggling a little to get the new blog up and running but most likely it will be found at

Please excuse us, we're all a little tired and dirty and generally "camped out"...

We met in the hall for the camp rules and information
Aurora sees her first donkey (not really)
Walking the obstacle course
Nikita and Chane (Grade 6) looking rather fashionable over the tyre wall
Connor reaching the top of the large climbing frame (10m)
Brad (Grade 6) after the mud crawl
We touches camels!
...and fed goats...
Those crossword puzzles were hard!

VERY early, VERY cold morning donkey visits
It was so cold (1 degree Celsius) that water droplets froze on the benches!! (unheard of where we live)
Joseph getting ready to wall climb
We cooked our own boerewors and rolls on fires we made ourselves

Vetkoek for breakfast - for many of us, our first one ever!
 Carrying sticks to build a shelter
 The older children give the instructions
A view inside one of the shelters
We were very tired after our shelter building competition

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